Dependability of all-IP networks

A multi-disciplinary workshop

Date:    May 18-19, 2006
Venue:  VTT, Digitalo: Vuorimiehentie 3, Espoo, Finland
Participation fee: none

Day 1

8:30   Registration desk opening

9:00   Ilkka Norros: Opening, practical information, about the IPLU project

Dependability of the network media - user point of view

9:15    Leena Norros (VTT): On the dependability of Internet, understood as a medium - a social science perspective
9:45    Gerardo Rubino (INRIA): Dependability analysis of multimedia communications using the PSQA technology
10:15  Markus Fiedler (Blekinge): The role of quality feedback for perceived service dependability

10:45  Coffee

11:00  Discussion on the user point of view

Quantification of dependability

11:15  Kurt Tutschku (Würzburg): Towards dependable P2P services
11:45  Reijo Savola (VTT): Measurement of information security
12:15  Urho Pulkkinen (VTT): Dependability indices

12:45  Lunch

13:30  Discussion on the measurement of different aspects of dependability

Dependability of protocols and software

13:45  Markus Hidell (KTH): Distributed architectures for router control plane robustness
14:15  Wishnu Prasetya (Utrecht): Self-stabilization
14:45  Keijo Heljanko (TKK): Model checking based software verification

15:15  Coffee

15:30  Juha Röning (Oulu): Vulnerabilities in protocols
16:00  Santtu Toivonen (VTT): Context-aware trust in component-based systems

16:30  Discussion on stability and vulnerability of protocols and communication systems software

Day 2

Network architecture and dependability

9:15    Bjarne Helvik (Trondheim): Swarm-based routing to achieve dependable networks
9:45    Hannu H. Kari (TKK): Protecting network infrastructures with strong cryptographic  algorithms - the concept of Packet Level Authentication
10:15  Kari Seppänen (VTT): Protection and restoration in Ethernet-based transport networks

10:45  Coffee

11:00  Veena Mendiratta (Lucent): Network architecture and dependability
11:30  Zbigniew Hulicki (Krakow): Resilience aspects of multilayer networks
12:00  Gianpaolo Oriolo (Rome, Tor Vergata): Protection of Data-Paths in Multi-Layer Networks Based on the GMPLS paradigm (PDF)

12:30  Discussion on network topologies and architectures

           Closing of the workshop

13:00  Lunch

Further information: Ilkka Norros , VTT (, +358-20-7225627).

The workshop is technically sponsored by the Euro-NGI network of excellence.
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