Dependability of IP networks

This web site contains results and events by series of Finnish research projects on dependability of IP network. The current project "GOODNET - control and care in risk-aware networking" is funded by the Finnish Technology Agency, Tekes and is a joint research project with Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, HIIT and Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT

The first project on dependability started at VTT in November 2005, called "Dependability evaluation methods for IP networks", IPLU (IP-verkkojen luotettavuuden arviointimenetelmät). The IPLU project aimed to create a conceptual framework for assessing the complex problem "Can one rely on IP technology?"  The follow-up project IPLU-II (2007-2008) was part of Tekes' GIGA program. The current project GOODNET will be completed in  2012.

GOODNET- valvonta ja huolenpito riskitietoisessa verkko-operoinnissa

Projektin päätösseminaari pe 19.10. 2012
Seminaarisivut ja lisämateriaali


Journal and conference publications:

P.Kuusela and I. Norros. Dynamic approach to service level agreement risk. 9th International Conference on Design of Reliable Communication Networks, DRCN 2013, 4 - 7 March 2013, Budapest, Hungary. Conference proceedings. IEEE (2013), 266 - 273 (talk, conference paper is available from IEEE Explore Digital Library).

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Reliability Engineering & System Safety, Volume 109, January 2013, Pages 160-174.
( (Author's preprint)

P.Kuusela, I. Norros. On/Off Process Modeling of IP Network Failures.  IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems & Networks (DSN 2010).2010. pages 585 - 594. (Conference paper is available from IEEE Xplore Digital Library)

J. Kilpi. Enabling distributed fault diagnosis in multicast-based IPTV delivery. Quality of Experience for Multimedia Content Sharing, QoEMCS at EuroITV 2010. ( Long version of  the presented paper )

J. Kilpi. IP-Availability and SLA. International Workshop on Traffic Management and Traffic Engineering for the Future Internet (FITraMEn 08). Porto, Portugal, December 2008.

I.Norros, P.Kuusela and P. Savola. A Dependability Case Approach to the Assessment of IP networks. The First International Workshop on Dependability and Security in Complex and Critical Information Systems (DEPEND2008), August 2008. (Conference paper is available from IEEE Xplore Digital Library, direct link to pdf; available only here: Extended version.)

Ilkka Norros, Urho Pulkkinen and Jorma Kilpi.  Downtime-frequency curves for availability characterization. The 37th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN2007), June 2007.

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J. Kilpi and S. Varjonen. Minimizing Information Loss in Sequential Estimation of Several Quantiles. Preprint.

I. Norros, P. Kuusela, J. Lapuyade-Lahorgue and M. Naldi. On reliability modeling with stationary on/off processes. Submitted for publication.

Reports produced by the projects:

On the dependability of IP networks. Results of the IPLU-II project
An executive summary of IPLU-II, August 2009.

Jorma Kilpi: Enabling distributed fault diagnosis in multicast-based IPTV delivery
A report of the IPLU-II project, August 2009.

Pirkko Kuusela, Ilkka Norros and Pertti Raatikainen: Report on modeling reliability of an IP-network and strategies for improving the reliability
A report of the IPLU-II project, June 2009.

Sami Nousiainen, Jorma Kilpi, Paula Silvonen and Mikko Hiirsalmi: Anomaly detection from server log
data. A case study.

A study originated and partly financed within IPLU. Reference: VTT Research Notes 2480, 2009.

Pirkko Kuusela: Case study: Reliability of MPLS multicast
IPLU-II project case study on reliability of MPLS multicast, May 7, 2008

Pertti Raatikainen: Cost to build dependable all-IP networks
A report of the IPLU-II project, December 2007

The dependability of an IP network - how to assess it?
The final report of the IPLU project, January 9, 2007

Pertti Raatikainen: Next Generation Network and Reliability
A report produced by the IPLU project, January 1, 2007

Kari Seppänen: Resiliency in Ethernet Based Transport Networks
A report produced by the IPLU project, October 30. 2006

The dependability of an IP network – what is it?
A baseline paper of  the IPLU project, May 16, 2006

Other material:

Dependability case of Funet's core network:
The first testing of dependability case methodology on Funet's core network. This is not ment to be a proper dependability assessment, but we have attempted to consider all relevant aspects and formulate respective subclaims and argumentation that could be found to support them.  This prelimanary case points to a way how to proceed towards a more thorough investigation (with more hard data available). The dependability case methodology itself  is described  in the paper "A Dependability Case Approach to the Assessment of IP Networks", see above.  html-version of  the dependability case

A talk on the Dependability Case of Funet's Core Network given in NORDUnet 2008 conference.

Events organized by projects:

GOODNET-projektin päätösseminaari
The final seminar of GOODNET-project, October 19, 2012.
IPLU-II-projektin päätösseminaari
The final seminar of IPLU-II on April 24, 2009

IP-verkkojen luotettavuuden kysymyksiä
Annual seminar of IPLU-II on February 8, 2008

IP-verkkojen luotettavuuden arviointimenetelmät
IPLU's final seminar on February 2, 2007

Dependability of All-IP networks
A multidisciplinary workshop organized by IPLU on May 18-19, 2006

IP-verkkojen luotettavuus - mitä se on?
A public seminar organized by IPLU on May 17, 2006 (in Finnish)

Contact: Ilkka Norros, VTT (